We are proud to collaborate with global  artist networks to bring unique treasures to our cottage that empower and give back.


Heavenly Treasures

Heavenly Treasures

The Heavenly Treasures Network consists of 50+ micro enterprise livelihood projects in 17 countries. The participants request help with developing more marketable products and helping them with an “access to markets.” We are field based in our network efforts with individuals and organizations. We visit clients of micro finance institutions and neighborhood co-ops in their homes and tiny workshops.   

Investing in people who have the desire to see their lives change is exciting “business.” Heavenly Treasures are people, not products. We network with those who can consistently build relationships with the participants of the livelihood projects and have their own network to build the kingdom of God.

Cottage Arts partners with Heavenly Treasures to stock many items available for purchase. Every Product Represents a Changed Life!


Trades of Hope

It is our goal to help individuals all over the world start and maintain small businesses by making and selling their products.  We focus primarily on women because when you help one woman out of poverty she in turn helps four others out of poverty!  

  1. 40% of all working women make less than $2 a day. 
  2. Women are paid, in general, 25 cents to a mans dollar. 
  3. Of the world's 1.3 billion people in poverty, 70% are women.
  4. About 80% of the world's 27 million refugees are women & children.
  5. The primary victims of today's wars are civilian women and their children, not soldiers.
  6. Women have not achieved equality with men in any country.
  7. In most countries, women work approximately twice the unpaid time men do.
  8. When given resources, women will share them with her children and community.

Everyone wants to make a difference in the world but often we don't know how. Trades of Hope makes it easy. Your purchase allows many people to be blessed! Trades of Hope is not lining the pockets of big corporations or sweat shops. It's providing a  fair wage for people who need it the most. We believe in empowering  women to have a voice and become world changers themselves. 

Source: Trades of Hope

Cottage Arts partners with Trades of Hope to stock many items available for purchase. Every Product Represents a Changed Life!


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