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Cottage Arts is continually filled with unique treasures created by both local Bakersfield and global artisans. Our goal is to empower artists, specifically women in need. 

Our offerings continually change with the seasons and holidays ensuring you'll find a one-of-a-kind treasure hand crafted from the heart.

Give the gift of empowerment, stop on by and see what fresh treasures await!


Happy Summer Banner

Women in India painted this adorable & bright banner. We're honored to give our artisans the opportunity to re-write a happier story for themselves! Your fair trade purchase helps to bring women into that freedom!


Barrell boneyard

"I meticulously search and hand pick each barrel looking for several things to include special markings. I use a lot of hand tools to make each piece one of a kind. Lots are similar but each piece has its own character. Today we have a lot of manufactured product out there and it's easy to forget real authentic craftsmanship which makes for long lasting and eye catching products. I chose to work on wine barrels because there's already history in each piece which makes owning an item more meaningful. The barrels are also oak which is a hard wood and will last a lifetime." - Artist

Rainforest wrap

This "Rainforest Wrap" is Handmade by women in Costa Rica slums . Often , because of poverty, their kids are forced into crime, drug abuse, and prostitution. By purchasing this beautiful product you have made a difference not only in a woman's life, but in the life of her whole family!

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